Sep 062013

F.A. Wiggins launched automobile advertising and sales in downtown Salem with this ad placed in the September 13, 1903 Capital Journal. George Graves purchased a Rambler to become Salem’s second automobile owner, after Otto Wilson and his Oldsmobile. Find out more interesting stories about transportation in Salem during Autoists Attack! a special, free Salem Sunday Streets Downtown Heritage Tour starting at 2pm in front of Salem’s Riverfront Carousel.

For thousands of years, people living in the Salem area relied on walking and water transport to get around. Later, a horse and travois sped things up a bit but only when the wheeled wagon creaked across the prairie did Salem see another burst of activity. The Barnum and Bailey Circus brought the first auto to Salem in addition to the novelty zebra pictured above.

Water still played the main role after the refinement of Fulton’s Folly and steam-powered sternwheelers enabled Salem to become an international leader in wheat, wool and hops exports. In this photo, the “City of Salem” (built in Portland), is loaded up on the riverfront dock.

Rail travel displaced the sternwheelers and provided passenger and freight travel straight to the heart of downtown Salem. The recently uncovered and covered tracks in the photo attest to the popularity of of rail transport downtown.

Bicycles returned mobility to a human scale, if only for a few years, until the automobile began its evolution. Stock up on crash suits and we’ll tour Salem in leisure Sunday, September 8.

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Aug 272013

When the first car in Salem trundled down State Street leading the 1898 Barnum and Bailey Circus parade, few people could imagine the imminent danger to pedestrians, bicyclists, skaters and equestrians that the horseless carriage would bring. Autoists Attack! explores life in a walkable downtown that was destroyed by the fatal attraction to the automobile in this special Salem Sunday Streets Free Downtown Heritage Tour, 2:00 p.m. September 8, starting at Riverfront Carousel.


The 2-hour walking tour will visit sites important to pre-auto travel, explaining the transformation of mobility in downtown Salem and the influence of cars on life, commerce and culture as the skyline was changed forever. Stories about travel will include Native American potlatch ceremonies, demise of the steamboat, expansion of rail and streetcars and the replacement of three landmarks to accommodate the automobile; the first Legislative Assembly Hall, Fashion Stables and the 1895 City Hall.


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Aug 102013

It only took 40 years and six ballot tries but Oregon suffragettes finally got the right to vote in 1912. In 1870, a group of Salem and Albany women started the movement that brought Susan B. Anthony out on her speaking tour through Salem in 1871. She wrote in her diary about her meeting with the Oregon Supreme Court, where she received a favorable response.

Another wildcat downtown was the infamous Fanny Davenport, who entertained gentlemen and became the focal point of cleaning up the downtown rookeries, brothels and saloons 1906. Her story is especially interesting, since Fanny Davenport died in 1898! These stories and more are presented during the 2 hour tour.

August’s Wild Women Downtown Heritage Tour visits downtown sites and buildings where women influenced Salem’s politics and commerce on 6:00 p.m., Saturday, August 10. Stories shared on the two-hour walking tour include Susan B. Anthony’s 1871 visits to Salem, the arrest of stage actress Fanny Davenport in Peppermint Flats and the unconscionable viciousness of a U.S. Senator’s wife that cost him the Supreme Court Chief Justice appointment.

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Jul 272013


Tonight’s tour has more bawdy Salem history than you can shake a stick at. Samuel Adolph (Wild Pear), Louis Westacott (ampm), Klinger and Beck (sculpture garden) and all their saloon buddies will once again breathe life into downtown Salem during the 2-hour tour. We’re talking about breweries and saloons while visiting important sites that influenced Salem’s history.


While Salem currently counts seven breweries within city limits, their combined output is dwarfed by just one downtown brewery during Salem’s heyday as “Hop Center of the World.” At the time of its closing in 1953, Sick’s Brewery produced 75,000 barrels – 27 million bottles of beer downtown on Commercial Street South. With roots going back to 1866, the brewing industry dominated the Salem economy and earned the city an international reputation.

Along with brewing, the rowdy saloon nightlife influenced Salem culture, attracting temperance unions and finally prohibition. Stories will be shared of Maggie Gardner’s Hurdy-Gurdy girls, Jonathan Bourne’s six-week binge with legislators and how Oregon’s first deficit paid for a stocked bar in the committee room.

Added bonus: Tour of 1871 ruins.


Breweries: Farmers, Star, Pacific, Pioneer, Capital, Salem Brewing Association, Sick’s, Willamette Valley, Ram, Thompson’s, Seven Brides, Pale Horse, Gilgamesh, Santiam, Vagabond, Salem Ale Works

Saloons: El Dorado, Pony, Oriflamme, Nonpareil, Palmer’s, Crystal, North Star, Vic’s, Fontaine’s, Belvedere, Gem, Chemeketa

Want to support creativity in Salem? Donate to Salem Creative Network and keep creativity flowing.

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Jun 262013

Here it comes, Salem’s first pop up micropark art installation! This one day art exhibit takes place in a parking space! Stop by and enjoy greenery, a bike rack, comfortable seating, kid activities, games and a dog lounge. Experience a people-centered life downtown and enjoy some passive recreation while reclaiming public space, if only for a day. Who knows where it could lead?

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Jun 222013


Sine Die Pub Crawl tributes legislators and lobbyists

The Creative Pub Crawl celebrates the end of the legislative session with a Sine Die Pub Crawl event on Friday, June 28, 6:00 p.m., starting at Franklin’s Bottle Shop downtown. The crawl will change locations every hour, ending at 11:00 p.m. Participants are encouraged to dress as their favorite lobbyist or politician. The event is free in exchange for contact info. Visit for location updates.
The Creative Pub Crawl offers social opportunities for individuals to grow networks and support downtown businesses.
Creative Downtown Heritage Tour features life in 19th century

Journey to the 19th century and learn about the influence of non-northern Europeans on life, culture and commerce in downtown Salem. The 90 minute walking tour visits Native American housing and burial sites, old Chinatown, the hanging place of the Black Face Killers and other notable locations. The tour includes brief histories of Chief Quinaby, the last of his tribe and Jake Vanderpool, the only Oregonian exiled under the exclusion law.
Participants are advised to wear sturdy shoes and dress for the weather.

Tickets for Multikulti Heritage Tour cost $10 or $7 for groups of 3 or more and are available online or at the start of the tour. Children under 12 are free.
Social Media Day 2013 connects local users

Salem joins 320 communities to celebrate web culture during Social Media Day 2013, Sunday, June 30, 5:00 p.m. at ƒ/stop Fitzgerald’s. The informal program presents a brief history of social media networking in Salem and provides examples of successful local campaigns using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Kickstarter and other social media. Resources areas include WordPress, open source, computer graphics and video.

Social Media Day was started in 2010 by to bring attention to the influence of web culture on stimulating local economies, increasing governmental transparency and building healthier communities. Now in it’s fourth year, the event takes place in 320 places around the world.

Social Media Day 2013 is free. 21+.

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Jul 142012

Solarize Salem and Solarize Mid-Valley

Time to capture free energy from the sun during the third year of Solarize Salem. And this year it will be even more pocketbook-friendly because we’re bringing you the lowest install price in the country, again. You can join the sixty homeowners that have installed more than 186 kW of solar pv over the past two years, now for the low price of $4.15 per watt installed. Unable to buy? Learn about the 20-year SunRun lease program that requires a one-time payment that you can take as a tax credit.

Our first workshop occurs 6:30, Tuesday, July 17 at Loucks Auditorium, where we’ll hear about the benefits renewable energy and solar water heating from Energy Trust’s Rob DelMar. You’ll also have a chance to meet our contractors form Benton Electric and Sunlight Solar, who will be offering their services in our expanded service area that includes Marion, Polk, Yamhill, Benton and Linn counties.

Pop Up art gallery hires our first employee

We’re excited to welcome Cristina Sanchez to Pop Up art gallery as Salem Creative Network’s first employee! She’ll be staffing the gallery in the Salem Center Mall Thursday-Sunday from noon to close, coordinating volunteers and generally adding a breath of fresh air to all of our programming. Stop by and say hi to Cristina next time you’re downtown.

In addition to the mall gallery and the storefront installations at 260 and 280 Liberty St., we’re adding locations outside of Salem in neighboring towns. It’s great to see other organizations realize the benefit of art in our community and using storefront installations to fill vacant property. Want your art seen by thousands? Complete the form at Pop Up Art World.

Cash Mob – Parade of Nations Pub Crawl

You can’t keep a good idea down. After 24 months of pub crawls dumping money downtown, we decided to spread the love to other businesses with a cash mob. Last month, we visited Downtown Market and Deli and gave the owner Tony hundreds of dollars worth of business. This month, we’ll choose another deserving downtown business to shower with $10 bills before our Parade of Nations pub crawl, in honor of the 2012 Olympics. wear your track suit and meet us at Pop Up art gallery, 6:00 p.m., Friday, July 27. Show your support of downtown and participate in the economic recovery.

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Feb 142012

Do you remember your first encounter with the pub crawl downtown? It seems like a lifetime ago that we started this simple idea of dressing funny and getting special treatment from enthusiastic barkeeps. Hundreds of crawlers and thousands of chance encounters later, people are still demanding fun in the heart of the city. Keep the spirit alive downtown and join the Mardi Gras pub crawl 6:00 p.m. Friday, February 17 at Pop up art gallery. Free wristband with ID. Here’s the full schedule:
6p Pop Up art gallery 7p Copperjohn’s 8p Magoo’s 9p Governor’s Cup (live music) 10p Papa G’s Black Light Bar (karaoke) 11p FlipSide!

9th Mid-Valley Video Festival
Shout out to indie filmmaker creativity at its finest in the mid-valley. The 9th Mid-valley Video Festival occurs February 23-25, 2012 at Northern Lights Theatre Pub, ƒ/stop Fitzgerald’s, Pop Up art gallery and Capital Community TV.
Our picks:
Backyard Brewing and Star Wars Uncut Directors Cut 7p Thursday night at ƒ/stop. Meet local homebrewers, sample and prepare yourself for the world’s first crowd sourced film. Fans re-created Star Wars 15 seconds at a time. Animation, stop motion and live action provide two hours of nonstop creativity.
Scent of a Sasquatch world premiere
Bloodsucking Redneck Vampire’s Joe Sherlock returns with with a tale of runaway pheromones 8:30p Friday at Northern Lights. $3
Spanish Shorts
Two hours of Spanish-language shorts from PROMOFEST in Madrid run the gamut from hilarious to tearjerker. English subtitles. 6:30p Saturday at Northern Lights. $3
Full schedule at

Citizen Journalism classes

Salem Creative Network undertakes its largest effort yet – citizen journalism training. Learn how to use your smart phone to gather and produce news 2p to 4p every Saturday in February at Pop Up art gallery in the Salem center mall. Free.

6th Cherry City Music Festival

Last year we hosted 105 bands in 13 venues. Salem’s underground music festival returns April 5, 6, 7 with new venues and bands. We are expanding outside of downtown in an effort to spread the love around. Bands and volunteers can sign up at

See you around town!

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Dec 032011

Hi creatives!
Have you visited Pop Up art gallery yet? We are located near the Salem Center Mall food court. Our midnight Black Friday event featured a rock band, Office Diving, that entertained thousands of people and positively changed perceptions of shopping downtown. We now have 42 artists involved with the store and are looking for more. You can sign up to exhibit or volunteer at and help grow the creative network.

First Wednesday Photo Hunt
Wednesday Dec 7
Pop Up artists will be shooting anything RED during the the First Wednesday event. 112 art pieces are in 22 venues downtown. The team with the most photos, wins a gift certificate and display for their photos at Pop Up. Get in on the fun and meet new artists. Meet up is 4p at Pop Up

Finissage – an art benefit for Partnerships in Community Living
Saturday, December 10
Partnerships in Community Living is a local not-for-profit, person centered, customer-focused provider of services to individuals with developmental disabilities and Pop Up is exhibiting art work from clients and staff from December 5-10. The final day, Saturday, December 10, is Finissage, the final day to buy art from the collection. Also, Pop Up will give 5% of ALL sales made on December 10 to PCL. We are excited to provide this opportunity and invite you to experience the show.

SnowBall Pub Crawl

Last pub crawl of 2011! Dress up and go out to 6 downtown venues for network development and socializing. New venue – Governor’s Cup! Gcup is recently received their liquor license and is serving most weekends after 9:00p.Let’s give them a pub crawl welcome!
6:00 Pop Up
7:00 Copperjohn’s
8:00 Magoo’s
9:00 Governor’s Cup (now with spirits!)
10:00 Cherry City Cafe
11:00 FlipSide!

Downtown Art Crawl
Saturday, Dec 17
Check out downtown’s burgeoning art scene with other creatives as we tour through any open gallery and meet some artists. here’s the list: Spiral Muse Arts and Music Pop Up art gallery Pheromone Gallery Salem Art Collective Gallery B Mary Lou Zeek Gallery Roger Yost Gallery World Beat Gallery Elsinore Framing and Fine Art Gallery Hallie Ford Museum of Art
Part of the event will be broadcast on Doug’s World LIVE starting at 4 pm.

After two years of advocating for increased creativity and social innovation, Salem Creative Network is proud to see results from our special projects. Almost 200 kW of residential solar have been installed through Solarize Salem. 45 kW of commercial solar were installed on two new West Salem schools through Megawatt Project. And of course, thousands of patrons have participated in other projects (Creative Pub Crawl, Willamette Valley Wine Walk, Bicycle Music Festival, Doug’s World, Cherry City Music Festival) through our Salem Downtown outreach program.

We predict that 2012 will be an even greater success for Salem-area creatives.

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Nov 172011

We have plenty of local, one-of-a-kind art at Pop Up in the Salem Center Mall. In just a few weeks, 25 artists, writers, filmmakers, photographers and designers have been juried and their work is on exhibit at the 1500 sq ft gallery facing the food court. Our First Contact event, held Friday, November 11, drew 80 people to the gallery and we sold two paintings and lots of smaller merchandise. T-shirts, earrings, photocards and other affordable art are the fastest movers.
Our store hours vary daily but we are open Noon to 6. Want to get in on the fun? Sign up to exhibit, volunteer or perform at

Localize Black Friday
Join us at Pop Up for 20 hours of creative goodness. Live painting, music, poetry, cooking demonstrations await shoppers from Midnight to 8:00 p.m. on Friday, November 25 at Pop Up. Office Diving is scheduled to kick off the madness with alcohol service until 2:00 a.m. when the open mic starts. We’ll offer hourly specials with featured artists and winter beer and wine tasting.

Nite Market
Do you have a creative service or product that you would like to share with others at Nite Market, an adventure in creativity from midnight to 4 a.m. Sign up for Nite Market at

Support local art at Pop Up!

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