Jul 312014


First Vagabond Brewing caps a $25,000 Kickstarter campaign and starts making tasty beer. Then Taproot got their campaign funded and is busy opening downtown. Now, these two startups will be joined by Qita Wear at the August 6 First Wednesday Pop Up in the Alley. The lighted mask-making company Kickstarter campaign ends on First Wednesday but has already reached more than double their goal.

There will be plenty of these masks on display at the art fair end of the alley, so stop by around dark to get the best experience. Be sure to congratulate Alvin, Topher and Juan for taking a risk on crowd-funding. The results are more than worth it.

Remember, there’s a dog walking tour too!

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Jul 242014

Art, music, food and drink christen a new era when the first Salem food pod pulls into the alley behind Taproot (Pete’s Place) during First Wednesday Pop Up. Fusion, Sample This BBQ and Uncle Chuck’s Wagon join Vagabond Brewing, Santiam Brewing, 2 Towns Cider House and Hard Times Distillery for an event celebrating Mid-Valley Makers and First Wednesday in downtown Salem. 20 artists will exhibit work at the art fair and the stage features music, acrobatics and fencing. The event is free and occurs 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 6th. Reply if you are interested in participating or volunteering.

Historic Dog Walking Tour allows dogs to take their owners for a walk around downtown on First Wednesday. There’s a short alley parade and a longer stroll in the shade to Pringle Park. Both are free and include sites of interest. Dogs are asked to meet in the alley beside Uptown Insurance, 349 State St. at 6:30 p.m.


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Jul 012014

ursprungwalk Regardless of their background, the Mid-Valley Makers that influenced downtown Salem were All-American. They worked hard and played hard, paying tribute to the country that allowed success and to the community that provided the resources and talent for prosperity.

All-American: Mid-Valley Makers on First Wednesday shares stories about influential Americans in downtown Salem, including Charles Bennett (started the 1849 Gold Rush), Vic Trevitt (Mexican-American war hero) and Jonathan Bourne (initiative and referendum creator). The 90 minute walking tour also covers sites visited by patriotic American figures John Philips Sousa, Susan B. Anthony and Herbert Hoover.

The 6:00 p.m. tour, meets at Uptown Insurance, 349 State St is free and starts with an orientation by Kylie Pine, curator at Willamette Heritage Center at the Mill.

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Jun 042014

Enjoy a stroll around downtown and take in some culture. Lots of businesses are open late for your enjoyment and entertainment. Ursprung heritage event starts 6p at Blade Fit 150 Liberty St NE.

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May 312014

Ingenuity and drive fueled early German pioneers to build a lasting impression in downtown Salem. Ursprung: Mid-Valley Makers on First Wednesday, explores the influence of German immigrants on architecture, food production and industry during the 19th and early 20th centuries with a walking tour and tastings from mid-valley makers. Stories about butchers, bakers and beverage makers will be shared by Kylie Pine, curator at Willamette Heritage Center, providing an orientation for the self-guided walking tour 6:00 p.m., Wednesday, June 4, at Blade Fit, 150 Liberty NE in the Metropolitan Building. Tours and orientation are free and offered in both English and German.
Buildings and bridges from food and beverage producers Sam Adolph and Gideon Stolz, meatpacker Fred Steusloff, and railroad builder Louis Gerlinger, Sr., will be featured on the tour. Modern-day makers continue producing German-style food and beverage products and samples are available at participating venues.
Items of interest along the tour route include a bridge, 2 original butcher shop buildings, 3 former brewery sites, pretzels and German-themed beverages. A multi-cache involving the tour stops will be available at geocaching.com.
Mid-Valley Makers aims to connect Salem’s past to its future with heritage events and modern-day makers.

Read more about German immigrants in a story by Kylie Pine in the Statesman Journal.

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Apr 252014

When more than 200 visitors showed up April 2 to take part in the Salem Underground tour and taste some locally distilled spirits, it was made clear that our community loves downtown and wants more access. The stores and sidewalks were full of people asking about downtown’s history and how to find locally-made items. They want to participate but lack opportunity.

By providing lost history and access to mid-valley businesses, Salem Creative Network empowers the community to invest in civic pride and local makers, providing relevant opportunities and creating a multiplier effect. This is only made possible by identifying shared affinities and establishing a new network to strengthen connections between existing organizations.

Want to help? Volunteer Participate Donate

Conexiones Latinas: Mid-Valley Makers on First Wednesday

Under the Spanish Crown for more than 300 years, the Salem area retains many of the Latino influences introduced during the nineteenth century. Conexiones Latinas: Mid-Valley Makers on First Wednesday explores Latino heritage in Salem, 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. May 7, with a walking tour and local wine, tequila tastings downtown.

Kylie Pine, curator at Willamette Heritage Center at the Mill, leads an orientation 6:00 p.m. at Blade Fit that shares the stories of Spanish conquest, vaqueros and the “appropriated” inheritance that financed the birth of Oregon. A one-hour guided or self-guided walking tour of downtown Salem will follow.

Items of interest along the tour route include a watering hole for traveling livestock, coffee and oyster saloons, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Veracruz amethysts and the factory that manufactured La Corona Cuban cigars. Tequila tastings will be offered at selected bars. Both the orientation and tour are in English and Spanish languages.The tour will also be posted as a multi-cache on geocaching.com.

Art of Efrain Diaz-Horna

In celebration of Conexiones Latinas, artist and poet Efrain Diaz-Horna exhibits drawings and paintings throughout May at Pop Up art gallery, 260 Liberty NE. Spanning a decade, the artwork on display has traveled to exhibits in Mexico, Peru, Russia and throughout Oregon. His poetry has been published in Expreso, The Oregonian, The Hispanic News, The National Catholic Reporter, and several newsletters. He is the author of a collection of poems titled The Many Faces of Love (1983). Efrain has been a member of the Oregon Council for the Humanities, The Regional Arts and Culture Council, the Oregon United Nations Association, and has chaired the Oregon Hispanic Commission. We’re honored to share Efrain’s “circumstantial doodles” with downtown Salem.

New gallery/extreme exercise gym moving into former UpSalem Social Innovation Center

Remember the art, fashion shows, parkour, aerial silk, fencing, live music, breakdancing and workshops at 365 Ferry St? Salem Creative Network developed the space as a incubator for small businesses to test products and services in a highly visible retail environment. The performances were created to showcase local talent and try new forms of entertainment downtown. Pop Up art gallery installed exhibits to attract new tenants to the city-owned property, which has been on the market for 5 years.

After our last show in January 2014, the city secured a lease from fitness center operator, 413 Industries LLC and gallery and boutique business, Eclectic NW LLC. This is the fourth Pop Up art gallery location to find a tenant since we initiated the storefront beautification program in 2011.

Please support these businesses for their innovative business model approach. Their pre-grand opening is May 30.

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Apr 022014

Spirits of the Underground happens tonight during First Wednesday. We’re touring old saloon sites and the looking up from the underground starting 6:00 pm at Blade Fit. Mid-Valley distilleries are offering samples in Blade Fit and Uptown Insurance from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Grand Vines, Brown’s Towne Lounge and Magoo’s are featuring Oregon spirits along the route. The tour or the tastings are a fun excuse to enjoy some spring air.
Kid Friendly!
The 8th Cherry City Music Festival happens April 3, 4, 5, 2014. This year 41 bands are playing in 9 venues around town. Almost all performances are free and 21+. Minors welcome at the Capital City TV live broadcast. Check out the updated schedule at Cherry City Music Festival.

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Feb 272014

gideon stolz

When Gideon Stolz opened the first cider mill downtown in 1879, he seeded an industry that grew to make Salem the largest food processor in the world. Fruits of Labor: Mid-Valley Makers on First Wednesday, explores the influence of fruit processing on downtown Salem with an orientation and walking tour.

The event occurs on First Wednesday, March 5 at Blade Fit, 150 Liberty NE in the Metropolitan Building. Kylie Pine, curator at Willamette Heritage Center, will provide a brief history of fruit processing downtown and explain the sites listed on the self-guided tour.

Cider and wine tasting is available at participating businesses. Mid-Valley Makers aims to connect Salem’s past to its future with heritage events. Free.

Schedule (subject to change)
5:00 – 9:00
2Towns Ciderhouse at Uptown Insurance 349 State St
Carlton Cyderworks at Salem Summit Company 246 State St
Honeywood Winery at Blade Fit L.L.C. 150 Liberty St NE

6:00 Presentation by Kylie Pine, Willamette Heritage Center curator
at Blade Fit L.L.C. 150 Liberty St NE

6:30 Guided and self-guided tours

7:00 – 9:00 pm
Uptown Insurance Blind Wine and Cider Tasting
Participants bring fruit wine or cider for entry into competition.

gideon stolz

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Feb 042014

Looking for a good reason to go downtown? Built by Beer kicks off Mid-Valley Makers on First Wednesday, February 5th with seven mid-valley breweries pouring in five venues. The event connects Salem’s past to its future with modern-day makers that continue the traditions that helped Salem prosper. The free beer heritage tour starts 6:00 p.m. at Uptown Insurance, 349 State St and will be led by Kylie Pine from Willamette Heritage Center. It’s your downtown – own it!

Self -guided tour from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. $15 wristbands good for 2x 3 oz tastes from each brewery.

1. Venti’s Cafe + Basement Bar pouring Salem Ale Works 325 Court St NE

Since 1996, Venti’s Cafe has been pushing the craft beer envelope downtown by exposing Salem to the exploding microbrew scene. Venti’s always had it on tap first and when they moved across the street and put in the cozy basement bar, the selection only grew. As the mid-valley breweries mature, Venti’s continues to support the community by offering tap handles from the locals.

The Salem Ale Works boys broke onto the scene last summer at the Bite and Brew downtown and haven’t looked back since. Former college buds and wildland firefighters, the brewers opened a taproom behind Kmart last August inside their small batch brewery. Their attention to detail is producing some very tasty brews, like the Misery Whip IPA and Cast Iron CDA, and they’ll be at Venti’s Cafe with their latest.

2. Franklin’s Bottle Shop pouring Deluxe, Two Kilts and Santiam Brewing 241 Liberty St NE

By offering beer until 2:30 a.m., Franklin’s Bottle Shop pulled downtown into the 21st Century in August 2012. As the only late-night option in decades, Franklin’s became the destination for thrill seekers daring to unroll the sidewalks and stay out past midnight. With their tap handles breeding like rabbits and a well-stocked bottle selection, Franklin’s sets the bar for a late-night imbibery.

Deluxe Brewing in Albany launched the mid-valley’s first brewstillery in 2011, making lagers and distilling whiskey, rum and gin. While at different ends of the beer spectrum, their Schwarzbier and Pre-Prohibition Pilsner are great examples of malty bodies. Their taproom is open Fridays and Saturdays down on the river by in downtown Albany.

Two Kilts Brewing out of Sherwood scaled up to bottling in 2011 and now boast a 15 barrel capacity cranking out a strong Scotch Ale and Belgian Blonds, Reds. They focus on high-quality ingredients and their taproom is located on the Tualatin-Sherwood cutoff, open Monday-Saturday.

Santiam Brewing cranks out an amazing amount of luscious beer, influenced by traditional British-style draughts casking in aged oak and rum barrels. With more styles than taps, there’s always a choice at their brewery at 19th and McGilchrist open daily.

3. The Coin Jam pouring Gilgamesh Brewing 439 Court St NE

A sneak-peek into The Coin Jam early on revealed a powerful concept, combining video games and drinks to attract nerds like moths to light. When it opened downtown, everyone got another surprise with a funky menu and friendly staff. They will all be on deck this First Wednesday with a special Gilgamesh-inspired menu and random free play.

Gilgamesh Brewing loves to get creative with their beer and it’s always exciting to see what they do next. From Mamba to Vader to DJ Jazzy Hef, the creative brews have offered an inspiring complement to their traditional pales since 2010. Now that the brewery has moved to Salem and opened The Campus on Madrona, their contagious energy has made them an events destination.

4. Salem Summit Co. pouring Mazama Brewing 246 State St

Salem Summit Co. stepped up and filled a big hole when they opened an outdoor shop with quality merchandise downtown. A quick look on their shelves satisfies even hardcore adventurers and their friendly customer service keeps families and kids in the know. Housed in the Catlin and Lynn Building, Salem Summit Co. is the last stop of the beer heritage walking tour.

Mazama Brewing burst onto the mid-valley scene with their Belgian-style brews in May of 2013. Their 20-barrel brewery near Corvallis anchors the Eastgate Circle fermentation utopia. With plenty of room for experimentation, the brewery is kicking out some 10% Grand Cru and oak barrel-aged Dubbel at 8.2%. Paired with some Fresh ‘n Local Foods at Salem Summit Co., it’s just what the weatherman ordered!

5. Uptown Insurance pouring Seven Brides Brewing 349 State St

Uptown Insurance continues the creative streak in the George Bayne Building. A former guitar store and photography studio, the space lends itself to welcoming visitors and Uptown Insurance refined the experience with two beautiful bars, open space, high ceilings and a video projector. Built with hops money in the early 1900s, the location is the first stop on the beer heritage tour.

Seven Brides Brewing began around 2008 in a West Salem garage with beta-testers filling growlers from 5 and 10 gallon batches of Oatmeal Ellie and Lil’s Pils. After refinement and prodding from the lucky testers, Seven Brides opened a brewery in Silverton, which they immediately outgrew. After building a taproom a few blocks away, Seven Brides finally had room to catch up with demand and continue to make enough beer to pay for their daughters’ weddings.

6:00 p.m. at 349 State St FREE
Learn about the influence of hops and beer on Salem’s growth and architecture with Kylie Pine of the Willamette Heritage Center. The one-hour walking tour will include descriptions of the George Bayne Building, Livesley Building, Adolph Block, J.K. Gill Building, Salem Brewery Association and the Catlin and Lynn Building.

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