Feb 042014

Looking for a good reason to go downtown? Built by Beer kicks off Mid-Valley Makers on First Wednesday, February 5th with seven mid-valley breweries pouring in five venues. The event connects Salem’s past to its future with modern-day makers that continue the traditions that helped Salem prosper. The free beer heritage tour starts 6:00 p.m. at Uptown Insurance, 349 State St and will be led by Kylie Pine from Willamette Heritage Center. It’s your downtown – own it!

Self -guided tour from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. $15 wristbands good for 2x 3 oz tastes from each brewery.

1. Venti’s Cafe + Basement Bar pouring Salem Ale Works 325 Court St NE

Since 1996, Venti’s Cafe has been pushing the craft beer envelope downtown by exposing Salem to the exploding microbrew scene. Venti’s always had it on tap first and when they moved across the street and put in the cozy basement bar, the selection only grew. As the mid-valley breweries mature, Venti’s continues to support the community by offering tap handles from the locals.

The Salem Ale Works boys broke onto the scene last summer at the Bite and Brew downtown and haven’t looked back since. Former college buds and wildland firefighters, the brewers opened a taproom behind Kmart last August inside their small batch brewery. Their attention to detail is producing some very tasty brews, like the Misery Whip IPA and Cast Iron CDA, and they’ll be at Venti’s Cafe with their latest.

2. Franklin’s Bottle Shop pouring Deluxe, Two Kilts and Santiam Brewing 241 Liberty St NE

By offering beer until 2:30 a.m., Franklin’s Bottle Shop pulled downtown into the 21st Century in August 2012. As the only late-night option in decades, Franklin’s became the destination for thrill seekers daring to unroll the sidewalks and stay out past midnight. With their tap handles breeding like rabbits and a well-stocked bottle selection, Franklin’s sets the bar for a late-night imbibery.

Deluxe Brewing in Albany launched the mid-valley’s first brewstillery in 2011, making lagers and distilling whiskey, rum and gin. While at different ends of the beer spectrum, their Schwarzbier and Pre-Prohibition Pilsner are great examples of malty bodies. Their taproom is open Fridays and Saturdays down on the river by in downtown Albany.

Two Kilts Brewing out of Sherwood scaled up to bottling in 2011 and now boast a 15 barrel capacity cranking out a strong Scotch Ale and Belgian Blonds, Reds. They focus on high-quality ingredients and their taproom is located on the Tualatin-Sherwood cutoff, open Monday-Saturday.

Santiam Brewing cranks out an amazing amount of luscious beer, influenced by traditional British-style draughts casking in aged oak and rum barrels. With more styles than taps, there’s always a choice at their brewery at 19th and McGilchrist open daily.

3. The Coin Jam pouring Gilgamesh Brewing 439 Court St NE

A sneak-peek into The Coin Jam early on revealed a powerful concept, combining video games and drinks to attract nerds like moths to light. When it opened downtown, everyone got another surprise with a funky menu and friendly staff. They will all be on deck this First Wednesday with a special Gilgamesh-inspired menu and random free play.

Gilgamesh Brewing loves to get creative with their beer and it’s always exciting to see what they do next. From Mamba to Vader to DJ Jazzy Hef, the creative brews have offered an inspiring complement to their traditional pales since 2010. Now that the brewery has moved to Salem and opened The Campus on Madrona, their contagious energy has made them an events destination.

4. Salem Summit Co. pouring Mazama Brewing 246 State St

Salem Summit Co. stepped up and filled a big hole when they opened an outdoor shop with quality merchandise downtown. A quick look on their shelves satisfies even hardcore adventurers and their friendly customer service keeps families and kids in the know. Housed in the Catlin and Lynn Building, Salem Summit Co. is the last stop of the beer heritage walking tour.

Mazama Brewing burst onto the mid-valley scene with their Belgian-style brews in May of 2013. Their 20-barrel brewery near Corvallis anchors the Eastgate Circle fermentation utopia. With plenty of room for experimentation, the brewery is kicking out some 10% Grand Cru and oak barrel-aged Dubbel at 8.2%. Paired with some Fresh ‘n Local Foods at Salem Summit Co., it’s just what the weatherman ordered!

5. Uptown Insurance pouring Seven Brides Brewing 349 State St

Uptown Insurance continues the creative streak in the George Bayne Building. A former guitar store and photography studio, the space lends itself to welcoming visitors and Uptown Insurance refined the experience with two beautiful bars, open space, high ceilings and a video projector. Built with hops money in the early 1900s, the location is the first stop on the beer heritage tour.

Seven Brides Brewing began around 2008 in a West Salem garage with beta-testers filling growlers from 5 and 10 gallon batches of Oatmeal Ellie and Lil’s Pils. After refinement and prodding from the lucky testers, Seven Brides opened a brewery in Silverton, which they immediately outgrew. After building a taproom a few blocks away, Seven Brides finally had room to catch up with demand and continue to make enough beer to pay for their daughters’ weddings.

6:00 p.m. at 349 State St FREE
Learn about the influence of hops and beer on Salem’s growth and architecture with Kylie Pine of the Willamette Heritage Center. The one-hour walking tour will include descriptions of the George Bayne Building, Livesley Building, Adolph Block, J.K. Gill Building, Salem Brewery Association and the Catlin and Lynn Building.

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Jun 262013

Here it comes, Salem’s first pop up micropark art installation! This one day art exhibit takes place in a parking space! Stop by and enjoy greenery, a bike rack, comfortable seating, kid activities, games and a dog lounge. Experience a people-centered life downtown and enjoy some passive recreation while reclaiming public space, if only for a day. Who knows where it could lead?

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Nov 172011

We have plenty of local, one-of-a-kind art at Pop Up in the Salem Center Mall. In just a few weeks, 25 artists, writers, filmmakers, photographers and designers have been juried and their work is on exhibit at the 1500 sq ft gallery facing the food court. Our First Contact event, held Friday, November 11, drew 80 people to the gallery and we sold two paintings and lots of smaller merchandise. T-shirts, earrings, photocards and other affordable art are the fastest movers.
Our store hours vary daily but we are open Noon to 6. Want to get in on the fun? Sign up to exhibit, volunteer or perform at http://popupartworld.com.

Localize Black Friday
Join us at Pop Up for 20 hours of creative goodness. Live painting, music, poetry, cooking demonstrations await shoppers from Midnight to 8:00 p.m. on Friday, November 25 at Pop Up. Office Diving is scheduled to kick off the madness with alcohol service until 2:00 a.m. when the open mic starts. We’ll offer hourly specials with featured artists and winter beer and wine tasting.

Nite Market
Do you have a creative service or product that you would like to share with others at Nite Market, an adventure in creativity from midnight to 4 a.m. Sign up for Nite Market at popupartworld.com.

Support local art at Pop Up!

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Apr 052011

2011 Cherry City Music Festival
More than 100 bands descend on the hospitality zone to entertain in 13 venues over the three day event. Most performances are free. We will be broadcasting live from downtown on Comcast Channel 22 for 12 hours during the festival. Watch us online at livestream.com/dougsworld.
We need volunteers for band hospitality. Help us out and volunteer here.

Noise ordinance

On Monday April 11, the Salem City Council will conduct the first hearing for the proposed noise ordinance, which will consider the downtown parking district as commercial and set the decibel level at 65 between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. We think 65 dB is a step in the right direction. There are others, however, that adamantly oppose this and want the levels set at 45dB! Show up at 6:30 to show your support for a hospitality zone.

Creative Pub Crawl – Saturday Night Fever Friday April 15
Get down tonight! We have two new stops on the crawl this month, Magoo’s and Cherry City Cafe. And we’ll see what Half Time’s got for us, too. Bring your disco balls and platform shoes!
6:00 Venti’s cafe and Basement Bar
6:45 Copperjohn’s
7:30 Magoo’s
8:15 Pete’s
9:00 Cherry City Cafe
9:45 HalfTime
10:30 FlipSide!

Clean Energy Rally and Lobby Day
We’re celebrating Earth Day on Friday April 22 with a Clean Energy Rally and Lobby Day at the State Capitol. Please volunteer to talk to your elected officials about the importance of Oregon-produced power for Oregonians.
Friday April 22
9:30 Training at Local Government Center 1201 Court St NE
11:00 Rally on Capitol Steps
12-4 Lobby your elected officials

Reply if you’re interested and email jamie@climatesolutions.org to coordinate the lobbying effort.

See you downtown!

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Mar 172011

Wear some green or expect some pinching.

6;00 Venti’s Cafe and Basement Bar
6:45 Copperjohn’s
7:30 Downtown Market and Deli
8:15 Crawler’s Choice
9:00 Pete’s Place
10:00 Flipside!

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Feb 242011

It seems that changes are happening faster than ever and we’re doing what we can to keep up! This Salem Creative Network update will cover:

1) Salem Downtown
2) Megawatt Project
3) social engagements
4) volunteer opportunities
5) board meeting

We recently hosted the Responsible Hospitality Institute for a Sociable City seminar. More than 20 downtown and city leaders attended to discuss the process of developing a hospitality economy downtown that would address the inter-generational and inter-cultural need for a third place to socialize outside of home and work. With the current Economic Improvement District structure in question, it may become necessary to develop and implement our plan independently.
We will have a follow up meeting in mid-March to discuss our options.

The Megawatt Project is off to a surprisingly good start. We submitted our first project (Magoo’s!) to the Department of Energy for the Business Energy Tax Credit. It’s a lottery process, so we’ll know soon if we are moving forward. We have 266 kW of renewable energy projects and 7 businesses interested in energy upgrades for lighting, HVAC and refrigeration. Contact us if you are interested in the program.

Upcoming Events
February 24-26 8th Mid-Valley Video Festival at Northern Lights Theatre Pub, F-stop Fitzgerald’s and CCTV.
March 18 Creative Pub Crawl – Leprechauns
April 7, 8, 9 Cherry City Music Festival

Volunteer Opportunities
We are looking for volunteers for Salem Downtown programs, Megawatt Project, Doug’s World television production and Cherry City Music Festival. Email ross@salemdowntown.net.

Board Meeting
Our next board meeting is 4:30 p.m., Thursday, March 3 at F-stop-Fitzgerald’s. We’re working on a few housekeeping issues including changing the nonprofit from a member to a non-member organization. We are also looking to build the board, so attend if you’re interested.

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Jan 212011

Hey you Wild and Crazy guys! The schedule has been finalized for tonight’s Saturday Night Live pub crawl. We have a new venue, Coffee House Cafe. They just got their license and are creating a happy hour just for us – $2 Caldera IPA, Bear Republic Red Rocket and Racer 5 PLUS $1 off all beer and wine. Let’s show them some love, Pub Crawl style.

Here’s this month’s list:

6:00 p.m. Venti’s Basement Bar

6:45 p.m. Copperjohn’s

7:30 p.m. Coffee House Cafe

8:15 p.m. Pete’s Place

9:15 p.m. Brown’s Towne Lounge

10:15 p.m. FlipSide!

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Dec 052010

Here we are at the end of a whirlwind year making Salem a better place to live. Join us 6:00 p.m. Friday, December 10 at Coffee house Cafe for a Salem Creative Network holiday party! The all-ages event will offer an opportunity to reflect on the old year and plan for the future. Let’s celebrate!

Here’s a run down of what’s going on with the Salem Creative Network:

Upcoming dates:
Monday, December 6 – Noise ordinance 1st reading
6:30 City Council Chambers
The staff re-write of the noise ordinance has a first reading tomorrow night. We hope this is approved quickly so we can begin to develop the hospitality zone downtown. It allows a commercial noise level of 65 dB  everywhere downtown until 10 p.m. Please attend the council meeting to watch the action.

Thursday, December 9 – Megawatt Project Launch
11:45 a.m. SEDCOR luncheon  Mission Mill Museum Spinning Room
Salem Creative Network will present the Megawatt Project at the monthly SEDCOR luncheon this week. We’ve arranged for some electric vehicle manufacturers (Brammo, BugE, RYNO) to bring their eye candy so people can get a glimpse of the future while learning about biomass, smart grid, financing and Megawatt.
Please attend and support the Network at the area’s largest business luncheon.

Register here

Friday, December 10 – Willamette Valley Wine Walk – Network Holiday Party
6:00 p.m. Coffee House Cafe

Our final wine walk of 2010 will feature hot-spiced wine at downtown’s newest watering hole – Coffee House Cafe. Lari DeLapp is excited to finally receive his OLCC credentials and will host us for a soft launch beer and wine service at Coffee House Cafe. We will be there until 9:00 p.m. and then move on to DaVinci’s, Orupa and Bentley’s. Minors allowed until 8:00 p.m. at CHC.

Tuesday, December 14 Cherry City Music Festival planning meeting
7:00 p.m. Coffee House Cafe
We are organizing the 2011 Cherry City Music Festival with Mid-Valley Video Festival. They received a $7500 grant from the city and need help planning and hosting the festival. Please attend if you’re interested in volunteering.

Friday, December 17 Creative Pub Crawl – Naughty Elves in Fugly Sweaters
6:00 Venti’s Cafe and Basement Bar
Whew! Has it been a year already? Wear a fugly sweater and/or bring your naughty elf gear for another night of economic development downtown.

2011 volunteer opportunities:
Tuesday, January 11 Salem Creative Network board meeting
Thursday, February 10 Ignite Salem 5 – Global Ignite Week
April 7, 8, 9 – Cherry City Music Festival
2010 program summaries

Greening Salem

Solarize Salem
Solarize Salem wrapped up on October 31. The bulk solar installation program attracted more than 400 interested homeowners with workshops, events and the lowest price for Oregon-made solar systems. The program was featured on 1A of the Statesman Journal twice, KATU-TV, KGW-TV and nationally on page 3 of USA Today

During the three-month program, 52 homeowners installed 165 mW of renewable energy on their roofs. In 2009, just 10 systems were installed in Salem. Our contractors, Solar City and RS Energy, were very satisfied with the program and other communities (Seattle, Beaverton) are using our program modifications in their current efforts. Also, Adam Stephens Middle School will receive the donation of a 3 kW system ($17,000) from the contractors for educational purposes.

Thanks to all the volunteers, partners and participants that made this  program so successful!

Megawatt Project

Our newest program for Greening Salem is the Megawatt Project, a renewable energy and resource management program for commercial, institutional and nonprofit clients. We are partnering with Sanyo Solar of Oregon and local contractors to offer bulk pricing for solar installations and energy efficiency retrofits. We are also creating a workforce development training module with Chemeketa Community College to prepare for the anticipated demand for services. We need volunteers for the advisory committee and program implementation.

Salem Green Professionals

Salem Green Professionals meets every two month at sustainable businesses in the Salem area. We are meeting this week to discuss the future of this program.

Salem Downtown
Creative Pub Crawl
We are planning themes for 2011. Send ’em if you have them!

Willamette Valley Wine Walk
The wine walk is over a year old now and we’re looking to expand the program to First Wesdnedays. We’ll keep you updated.

Downtown Hospitality Zone

We are working with the Responsible Hospitality Institute, downtown venues, entertainers, patrons and the City of Salem to establish a hospitality zone downtown. RHI was instrumental in crafting policy in Austin, Seattle, Phoenix and other cities to improve the nighttime economy of downtowns. Our mentoring city is Lexington, KY where they just transitioned through similar circumstances involving noise issues and expanding retail opportunities.

Creative Culture

Ignite Salem
We are in the process of facilitating the administration of cultural programming from Mid-Valley Video Festival. Ignite Salem 5 will be held during Global Ignite Week with 100 other cities in all seven continents and antarctica. We need presenters. Sign up at ignitesalem.com.

Cherry City Music Festival
The 5th Cherry City Music Festival occurs April 7-9 in downtown Salem. More than 100 bands will perform in 15 venues.

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Aug 132010

Creative Pub Crawl White T-shirt
Friday, August 13
Wear a t-shirt we can write on and bring some WATER-SOLUBLE markers to share.
6:00 Venti’s
6:45 Copperjohn’s
7:30 Magoo’s
8:15 Pete’s Place
9:00 Brown’s Towne
9:45 Jonathan’s
10:30 FlipSide!

Willamette Valley Wine Walk – Rosé
Friday August 20

6:00 pm Coffee House Cafe

Solarize Salem
Since August 2, 219 people have registered for more information, 140 attended workshops and it looks like there will be 25 co-op members by today, Friday August 13.

Here are the upcoming free workshops:
7 pm Aug 16
Nuts and Bolts
Sean Larkin, SolarCity
South Salem Senior Center
6450 Fairway Av. SE

6:30 Aug 17
PGE Auditorium
4245 Kale St. NE
Bruce Barney
Manager of Dispatchable Generation for Portland General Electric

6:30 Aug 24
Financial Workshop
Lizzie Rubado Energy Trust of Oregon Residential Program
Salem Public Library Loucks Auditorium
585 Liberty St NE

Aug 26
Nuts and Bolts
David Richards – RS Energy
633 7th Street NW

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