Feb 242011

It seems that changes are happening faster than ever and we’re doing what we can to keep up! This Salem Creative Network update will cover:

1) Salem Downtown
2) Megawatt Project
3) social engagements
4) volunteer opportunities
5) board meeting

We recently hosted the Responsible Hospitality Institute for a Sociable City seminar. More than 20 downtown and city leaders attended to discuss the process of developing a hospitality economy downtown that would address the inter-generational and inter-cultural need for a third place to socialize outside of home and work. With the current Economic Improvement District structure in question, it may become necessary to develop and implement our plan independently.
We will have a follow up meeting in mid-March to discuss our options.

The Megawatt Project is off to a surprisingly good start. We submitted our first project (Magoo’s!) to the Department of Energy for the Business Energy Tax Credit. It’s a lottery process, so we’ll know soon if we are moving forward. We have 266 kW of renewable energy projects and 7 businesses interested in energy upgrades for lighting, HVAC and refrigeration. Contact us if you are interested in the program.

Upcoming Events
February 24-26 8th Mid-Valley Video Festival at Northern Lights Theatre Pub, F-stop Fitzgerald’s and CCTV.
March 18 Creative Pub Crawl – Leprechauns
April 7, 8, 9 Cherry City Music Festival

Volunteer Opportunities
We are looking for volunteers for Salem Downtown programs, Megawatt Project, Doug’s World television production and Cherry City Music Festival. Email ross@salemdowntown.net.

Board Meeting
Our next board meeting is 4:30 p.m., Thursday, March 3 at F-stop-Fitzgerald’s. We’re working on a few housekeeping issues including changing the nonprofit from a member to a non-member organization. We are also looking to build the board, so attend if you’re interested.

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