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Here we are at the end of a whirlwind year making Salem a better place to live. Join us 6:00 p.m. Friday, December 10 at Coffee house Cafe for a Salem Creative Network holiday party! The all-ages event will offer an opportunity to reflect on the old year and plan for the future. Let’s celebrate!

Here’s a run down of what’s going on with the Salem Creative Network:

Upcoming dates:
Monday, December 6 – Noise ordinance 1st reading
6:30 City Council Chambers
The staff re-write of the noise ordinance has a first reading tomorrow night. We hope this is approved quickly so we can begin to develop the hospitality zone downtown. It allows a commercial noise level of 65 dB  everywhere downtown until 10 p.m. Please attend the council meeting to watch the action.

Thursday, December 9 – Megawatt Project Launch
11:45 a.m. SEDCOR luncheon  Mission Mill Museum Spinning Room
Salem Creative Network will present the Megawatt Project at the monthly SEDCOR luncheon this week. We’ve arranged for some electric vehicle manufacturers (Brammo, BugE, RYNO) to bring their eye candy so people can get a glimpse of the future while learning about biomass, smart grid, financing and Megawatt.
Please attend and support the Network at the area’s largest business luncheon.

Register here

Friday, December 10 – Willamette Valley Wine Walk – Network Holiday Party
6:00 p.m. Coffee House Cafe

Our final wine walk of 2010 will feature hot-spiced wine at downtown’s newest watering hole – Coffee House Cafe. Lari DeLapp is excited to finally receive his OLCC credentials and will host us for a soft launch beer and wine service at Coffee House Cafe. We will be there until 9:00 p.m. and then move on to DaVinci’s, Orupa and Bentley’s. Minors allowed until 8:00 p.m. at CHC.

Tuesday, December 14 Cherry City Music Festival planning meeting
7:00 p.m. Coffee House Cafe
We are organizing the 2011 Cherry City Music Festival with Mid-Valley Video Festival. They received a $7500 grant from the city and need help planning and hosting the festival. Please attend if you’re interested in volunteering.

Friday, December 17 Creative Pub Crawl – Naughty Elves in Fugly Sweaters
6:00 Venti’s Cafe and Basement Bar
Whew! Has it been a year already? Wear a fugly sweater and/or bring your naughty elf gear for another night of economic development downtown.

2011 volunteer opportunities:
Tuesday, January 11 Salem Creative Network board meeting
Thursday, February 10 Ignite Salem 5 – Global Ignite Week
April 7, 8, 9 – Cherry City Music Festival
2010 program summaries

Greening Salem

Solarize Salem
Solarize Salem wrapped up on October 31. The bulk solar installation program attracted more than 400 interested homeowners with workshops, events and the lowest price for Oregon-made solar systems. The program was featured on 1A of the Statesman Journal twice, KATU-TV, KGW-TV and nationally on page 3 of USA Today

During the three-month program, 52 homeowners installed 165 mW of renewable energy on their roofs. In 2009, just 10 systems were installed in Salem. Our contractors, Solar City and RS Energy, were very satisfied with the program and other communities (Seattle, Beaverton) are using our program modifications in their current efforts. Also, Adam Stephens Middle School will receive the donation of a 3 kW system ($17,000) from the contractors for educational purposes.

Thanks to all the volunteers, partners and participants that made this  program so successful!

Megawatt Project

Our newest program for Greening Salem is the Megawatt Project, a renewable energy and resource management program for commercial, institutional and nonprofit clients. We are partnering with Sanyo Solar of Oregon and local contractors to offer bulk pricing for solar installations and energy efficiency retrofits. We are also creating a workforce development training module with Chemeketa Community College to prepare for the anticipated demand for services. We need volunteers for the advisory committee and program implementation.

Salem Green Professionals

Salem Green Professionals meets every two month at sustainable businesses in the Salem area. We are meeting this week to discuss the future of this program.

Salem Downtown
Creative Pub Crawl
We are planning themes for 2011. Send ’em if you have them!

Willamette Valley Wine Walk
The wine walk is over a year old now and we’re looking to expand the program to First Wesdnedays. We’ll keep you updated.

Downtown Hospitality Zone

We are working with the Responsible Hospitality Institute, downtown venues, entertainers, patrons and the City of Salem to establish a hospitality zone downtown. RHI was instrumental in crafting policy in Austin, Seattle, Phoenix and other cities to improve the nighttime economy of downtowns. Our mentoring city is Lexington, KY where they just transitioned through similar circumstances involving noise issues and expanding retail opportunities.

Creative Culture

Ignite Salem
We are in the process of facilitating the administration of cultural programming from Mid-Valley Video Festival. Ignite Salem 5 will be held during Global Ignite Week with 100 other cities in all seven continents and antarctica. We need presenters. Sign up at

Cherry City Music Festival
The 5th Cherry City Music Festival occurs April 7-9 in downtown Salem. More than 100 bands will perform in 15 venues.

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