Jan 212010

The British are coming! The British are coming!
Spice Girls, royalty and bad teeth will be representing all night long in seven venues downtown Friday. Participants enjoy Salem Creative Network benefits at each location. As usual, the event is free in exchange for contact information. Here’s the schedule:

6:00 Copperjohn’s
6:45 Brown’s Towne Lounge
7:30 Venti’s Cafe and Basement Bar
8:15 Pete’s Place
9:00 Magoo’s Sports Bar
9:45 Cokie’s Landing
10:30 FlipSide!

Next Crawl – MARDI GRAS! Friday Feb. 19

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Jan 152010


Salem Creative Network is officially a nonprofit! We filed the paper work last week with the State of Oregon, incorporating the Salem Creative Network as a 501 (c)(3) organization with the mission to provide creative solutions for social innovation.

It’s time to celebrate!

Join us tonight, Friday, January 15 on the monthly Willamette Valley Wine Walk. We’re visiting four venues and our first retail storefront – Tea Party Bookshop, where we’ll hold our first BLIND WINE TASTING.

Please bring a bottle of local red wine and a clean palate.
We will bag your wine, taste it and rank it on a scale from 1 to 10. The highest and lowest scoring wines will win a prize. There is no charge for the blind wine tasting.

6:00 pm Travel Salem’s Travel Cafe with Willamette Valley Vineyards
7:00 pm Tea Party Bookshop with BLIND WINE TASTING
8:00 pm Grand Vines with Local bubblies
9:00 pm Da Vinci Ristorante with House Special
10:00 Cafe Noir with House Special
11:00 FlipSide!

Creative Pub Crawl British Invasion Friday January 22

We have a great six months of pub crawls planned starting with next Friday’s British Invasion. We have changed the format slightly after evaluating the crawler’s feedback and asking the venues for a promotional commitment. There are now 7 venues participating in the pub crawl and we’ll have 45 minutes at each place. Here’s the schedule:

6:00 Copperjohn’s
6:45 Brown’s Towne Lounge
7:30 Venti’s Cafe and Basement
8:15 Pete’s Place
9:00 Magoo’s
9:45 Cokie’s Landing
10:30 FlipSide!

We will have an international theme for each month. February is Mardi Gras and March is Luck of the Irish. Venues are asking that you bring cash rather than plastic to keep things flowing smoothly. Please spread the word.

Downtown Stakeholders Summit

Salem Creative Network is officially a downtown Salem Stakeholder. We have been invited to the Downtown Stakeholder Summit sponsored by the City of Salem 5:30 Thursday, January 28 at the Salem Conference Center. Free refreshments will be provided. Please attend! We would like to influence the decisions being made about the immediate future of downtown Salem.

Due to our pressure during 2009, the City Council has prioritized incentives for nightlife and entertainment as their second highest goal for 2010. We are making an impact and your participation at the summit will increase the chances of our success in creating a downtown that everyone can enjoy.

Thanks again for all that you do to make Salem a better place. We have tons more creative ideas for Salem and will do our best to make them happen. Stay tuned for more updates.


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