Sep 242009

September Creative Pub Crawl is tomorrow! Where did the time go? If you’re like me, you’re anxiously awaiting the pub crawl and the excitement that comes with meeting new people, having a little fun and feeling good about recreating in downtown Salem. The theme is Back to School Fantasy, so be the person you always wanted to be in high school. Period dress recommended. Let’s see a few bell bottoms, belted jumpsuits and prom dresses!

Here is the update about the Friday event.

Wine Crawl

Last month’s attendance beat 200 crawlers, and from what I’ve heard, they are all coming back and bringing more friends with them. So, in an effort to keep traffic flowing through the venues, there is a new schedule just for wine drinkers – the WINE CRAWL. This will happen at the same time as the regularly scheduled PUB CRAWL but at different venues and with ONE HOUR at each venue. If you are looking to escape the hectic pace of the pub crawl and meet other “sophisticated” drinkers, hop on the WINE CRAWL. Same member benefits apply to both schedules.

Both the WINE CRAWL and PUB CRAWL will start together at 6:00 at Cascade Baking Company, 229 State St. We will be serving Wandering Aengus Hard Cider with brick-oven baked pizza from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Full schedules for both crawls will be available there.

Designated Driver

For the considerate souls that selflessly offer to drive after the event, we have a special bracelet and member benefits available for you. Please inquire about our designated driver package when register for your bracelet.

Art and Tours

Rivers Condominiums offered to open their project to the Regeneration Art Fest for a video installation and tours to interested crawlers. The installation will start at dark and tours will begin at 6:00 p.m. and go until the conclusion of the video program. There will be a dj spinning music and beer, wine, cider and comestibles will be available to crawlers. The event is only open to registered crawlers.

Once again, thanks for your participation and interest in making downtown Salem an exciting destination for the Mid-Willamette Valley. I’ll see you there with bells on!


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Sep 132009

DSC00133Poet Scott Poole was just one of the refreshing highlights of the Live Wire Radio show last night at the Historic Elsinore Theatre. The Salem Creative Network was hard at work facilitating the underpinnings of the production that featured Governor Barbara Roberts, OSU basketball coach Craig Robinson, Mirah, Portland Cello Project, author David Guterson, essayist Stacy Bolt (McKay graduate) and Willamette University acappella group Headband, among many other inspirational creatives.

While stage productions appear effortless to the general audience member, many hours of hard work go into the preparation and execution of the successful program. We were there weeks prior to the show, guiding the producers with the intricacies of downtown Salem and our unique media environment. When production day arrived, we were able to smooth out the details and keep the talent happy as they provided an enlightening experience that will long be remembered.

Upon reflection at the after party, it was obvious that Salem is city that wants to remain a mystery even while striving to make a name for itself in the world of creativity. Our reputation is reinforced internally and externally in a seemingly unbreakable cycle of self-conscious bravado. With the accomplishment of satisfying the Live Wire talent and audience, we may be slowly be cracking the mold through observation from an outside perspective.

Take a listen for yourself on OPB 91.5 FM the next two Saturdays at 7 pm and decide for yourself. I heard it in the audience, you can can hear it too. Salem is right up there with the rest of the world.

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Sep 122009

Be the person you always wanted to be in high school. Period dress is recommended.
As always, schedule is subject to change.

6:00-8:00 Salem Pipeline Party at Normandy Guitars/Cascade Baking Company
6:30 Brown’s Towne Lounge
7:00 Copperjohn’s
7;30 Venti’s
8;00 The Brick
8:30 Pete’s Place
9:00 Cokie’s Landing
9:30 Magoo’s
10:00 6 Ultra Lounge/Grand Vines
10:30 Cafe Noir

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